Div 4 to host H17/ H18 North American Championships

***MAY 3RD, 2023***

Things are well underway in preparation for the NAC’s this August. As of today, 14 boats are now registered. Here’s the list so far.

***MARCH 21st, 2023***

9 Boats now registered. Want to see who’s signed up already? Check out the event page HERE for the latest information

***MARCH 4TH, 2023***

And their off! The registrations are coming in…. Congratulations to Phil Collins to being the first to register for the H17 fleet and Chris Thorne, the first to register for the H18 fleet. Right now we have 5 h17’s and 3 H18’s registered.

Remember also, when you register we take your request for accommodation if you want to stay at the regatta site, the Rain Forest Resort Village. Despite what the form says, it is not free. We’re just not taking your money. You will get an email back from us with accommodation based on your request and an approximate cost/ night. Once you confirm, we give that to the RFR and you will pay them directly upon arrival.

Remember though, spaces are limited so reserve early!! (and register early too!!)

***UPDATE MAR 1, 2023***

We are now ready to accept your registration. Everything has been sorted (we hope!) and everything is in place. Now all we need is YOU!


Register now for the H17/ H18 North American Championships. During the registration process you will see an ‘Accommodation Request’ section. The Rain Forest Resort Village (the regatta site) has given us priority over all of the accommodations available until June 30th at which point they are released to the public. They would be happy if we booked out all the spaces! DO NOT CONTACT THE RFR to book, use the attached form. We will take that information and match you to an RV spot, motel room or cabin based upon your request. We will send you that information but you will pay the RFR directly when you arrive. Spaces are limited so it is prudent that you register and book early. Other accommodations are nearby and are listed on the NoR. Any questions regarding accommodation can be directed to Bob Combie or Paul Evenden.

We are looking forward to a great event!

***UPDATE FEB 15TH, 2023***

Sorry to say, but another short delay! Everything is getting sorted out with regards to the banking/ tax reporting issue, but as we were about to get everything finalized, our person at the bank went on HOLIDAYS!… so now we are stuck in limbo for a week or so…. Hopefully everything will be sorted out by March 1st!!. Again, we apologize for the delay, we know your are itching to get registered… The response we are having from people wanting to attend gives every indication of this being a phenomenal event. Especially with the H18 fleet… We will keep you posted and I’ll be making a BIG announcement as soon as registration opens!!


Division 4 will be hosting the Hobie 17/ Hobie 18 North American Championships at Lake Quinault this August. This annual event was at Perry Lake, Kansas in 2022 where Stu Dean/ Jane Velghe, Paul Evenden/ JJ Hoag and John and Della Hoag attended and gave a great showing of the Division 4 sailors. So good in fact that John and Della are now the current Champions! They will have a chance to defend their title at Lake Quinault come August.

The week after our Division Area Championships Regatta (July 29/30) we will be welcoming sailors to the H17/H18 event August 1-4. With all of the current sailors in the H18 fleet that we have been seeing at our division regattas (Harrison- 14 boats, Cultus – 13 boats, Quinault – 11 boats) and with the interest generated in Kansas for others to join us, we could hope to see a 25 boat fleet in the H18 class. Many H17 sailors have also expressed an interest to join us as well, and with our Div sailors we hope to see a 15 boat fleet in the H17 class.

We are planning some great meals and a few other ‘treats’ as well, and as (almost) always, Quinault delivers a beautiful venue with fantastic sailing.

Check here in the New Year for the registration which opens Jan 1. The Rain Forest Resort has given us priority over all of the campsites, cabins and motel rooms so be sure to fill out the form when you register and we’ll reserve a spot for you! Reservations are being taken through us, NOT through the RFR for the Area Championships and the North American Championships.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

2023 H17/ H18 NoR

*** Editors note Dec 29th: ***

Due to unforeseen Government tax reporting issues, we are delaying the opening of registration to February 15th, 2023. Watch this space for details and we will post the links here when everything is ready to go!

Thanks for your patience. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. That information is available in the NoR.

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