About Us

Hobie sailors are a special breed; you’ll find Hobie Class Association (HCA) Division 4 members very friendly and eager to share their knowledge to help you enjoy your boat to its full potential. Reading books, magazines, and watching videotapes is a start, but there is no substitute to actually participating in a regatta. You learn by copying what the guy ahead of you is doing, chatting on the beach or dinner, and learning from your own mistakes.


How to Get Started:

Getting started is simple, just show up at any of Division 4’s regattas this season. If you’re already a Hobie Cat owner, bring your boat; We’ll show you how to rig it properly, or at least some tricks to make it seem easier. If you’re not already a Hobie Cat owner, come join us anyhow. We’ll help you decide the right model for you, and even help you find a great deal. HCA Membership is required to race for HCA sanctioned events; membership can be obtained at your first regatta. Still not sure, then become a willing crew, and start to pick up a basic understanding of the rules. They are easy to learn and make racing fun and safe. Each competitor and boat owner is also responsible for having their own liability insurance.

For beginners (in the 16 and 18 fleets) you will be placed in the “C” fleet so you’re racing against other sailors of similar ability. Additionally we have a Youth Program and events. Division 4 welcomes all Hobie Sailors of all abilities. When you show up for your first event, don’t worry, there are plenty of Hobie Cat Sailors willing and able to help you get oriented and answer any questions you may have.

Hobie Class Association:

Our primary goals & objectives are:

  1. To provide a fun and safe sailing experience for all ages.
  2. To provide education and training for the safety and betterment of the sailing experience.
  3. To provide fun sailing venues and visibility of our events to encourage participation.
  4. To help our fleets and partner with sailing centers to ensure quality events and programs by assisting with resources, training, and race management.


All Division 4, point regattas are sailed in national/state/local parks, or sailing clubs; each offering a splendid weekend getaway at very affordable costs. There is nothing like rigging your boat in the fresh morning air surrounded by breath taking scenery as the waves lap onto the shoreline. Come join us. We’re looking forward to meeting you this summer.

6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. My Hobie Cat 16 is looking for a new home. The cost could be as low as some time and investment in some repairs to the right new home. Cost could be as low as low as my donation of the boat to the right home. It is posted on Craigs List but the boat might make a great addition to a Hobie Fleet looking for a community boat for new sailors or crew without their own boat. A Fleet project could put this boat back in service as good as new. Contact me if directly if this is of interest to a Division 4 Fleet.

    Craigs List posting for my Hobie 16:


  2. It appears the webmaster/mistress has forgotten that Div. 4 also includes British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We also have several fleets in our 3 Provinces.
    A proud Canadian Hobie sailor


  3. Robert Jennings of West Vancouver purchased a Hobie 18 catamaran Aug 13, 2016, kept at Jericho Sailing centre and plans to race in the Division 4 regattas. I am currently upgrading the boat with used EPO rudders, and new sails. I also purchased a new galvanized trailer from Highliner trailers I pick up towards the end of Aug 2016, in time for the Harrison Hot Springs regatta Sept 2/3. I could use some help getting familiar with rigging the boat and any Hobie sailors keeping their boats at Jericho I appreciate dropping by to say hello… Contact robert_jennings@shaw.ca or mobile # 604-377-8762


  4. I am interested in getting involved. I owed a 16′ Hobie 30 years ago and I am thinking of getting another one. My goal is to race in the Puget Sound area. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. It would nice to have contact information so that I could e-mail or talk with someone before the memebership process page pops up.


  5. I’ve been an active Hobie 14 and 16 owner and racer in So Calif-Long Beach and San Diego areas for over 30 years before moving to Anacortes, but age and health have forced me to sell my Hobie 16 in 2016. After clearing out my garage in order to move/downsize I have found 3 items that I’m trying to sell to other Hobie owners – 2 Hiking Harnesses-1 small but bucket style $30, and 1 full back support/coverage $60 that were std Straight Arrow Marine products (Costa Mesa, Calif), both have quick release buckles with attachment hooks, to be able to safely unhook from a wire safely and quickly, and heavy Velcro adjustable straps, both are in excellent shape, no rips or tears. The other item is a custom canvas cover from Straight Arrow Marine, for the Hobie 16 to keep the UV rays off the tramp and topside of the hulls $150. If interested contact me at ebuck97@gmail.com


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