NW Area Championships — Skanault??

After an(other) epic weekend at Skamokawa, Div. 4 sailors rallied again at Lake Quinault the following week.  Some went directly from Skamokawa to Quinault, while most others trickled in throughout the week.

Wednesday saw the start of Tim Webb & Kelly Havig’s, 3-day, “Just Add Water” Youth Sailing Camp.  OMG.  How much fun was that to see all these kids having soooo much fun.  It was tough tearing them away from the water.  On more than one evening several of them took off after dinner to get more play time on the Hobies!  Tim & Kelly & crew kept them constantly occupied with games of skill and chance that improved their sailing knowledge and kept them involved.  It didn’t hurt either that the entire week and weekend was full of sun and wind!

By Friday afternoon most of the ‘usual suspects’ had arrived and everyone was into full-time Hobie time.  Lots of mini-parties sprouted and there was a fair amount of catching up as well as the usual boat tinkering.

Saturday and Sunday had consistent 5-15k of wind that challenged all of the crews tactically.  The highlight, though, was Sunday’s first start when everyone but PRO Skip Anderson was in on a little fun.  Seems it was Skip’s birthday, and when his back was turned the plan was laid.

As the final seconds of the Hobie 18 start counted down there was total chaos on the line.  Boats were headed downwind, upwind, off the wind, anywhere but on the start line.  The 16s managed to crowd into the action and as the horn sounded the entire fleet dove into a chorus of “Happy Birthday”.  To say Skip was bewildered and dumbfounded was an understatement.  It was classic Quinault connivery!!

Many lingered on after the weekend for a few more days, not quite ready to give up such beautiful times.  The idea was hoisted that perhaps a little more planning, imagination (and connivery) be invested in that week between Quinault and Skamokawa to make it “Quinault Race Week” or even “Skanault Race Week”!!

Photos courtesy of Jan Anderson.

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