Shilshole Bay, Seattle, WA

Shilshole Bay is the home of Seattle’s largest recreational port — the Shilshole Marina.  It is also home to the Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle and Golden Gardens Park.  The yacht club regularly hosts buoy races in the Puget Sound waters just off the breakwater to the marina.  Golden Gardens has a sandy beach which can provide a welcome rest spot in the middle of the day.  All launching of boats is done from the large boat ramp at the north end of the marina.

Puget Sound is “open water”.  As such it gets waves and wavelets that can be challenging.  There is also current.  The breeze is predominantly from the south, but the northerlies that come down are epic because they usually occur on beautiful, sunny days that are long remembered!

Most of the Hobie racing out of Shilshole is hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club which as the best race management in the entire Northwest.  The club itself has wonderful facilities with a full bar and kitchen downstairs.  Bathrooms and showers downstairs are welcome after a long day of sailing.  There is no camping, but RV parking on the city street may be available in front of the club.

This site is rated: Intermediate.  Getting in and out of the marina can be tricky at times.  Current and occasional strong winds need to be looked out for.

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