Lake Washington, WA

Lake Washington is the huge, north-south lake in the middle of Seattle that is the center of the metropolitan area.  Where you sail on Lake Washington doesn’t make too much difference as the wind is usually light all over.  But with all of the hills and buildings surrounding the lake, expect puffs, lulls and shifts.  On weeends, particularly sunny weekends, you can also expect a fair amount of motorboat traffic and the accompanying wake.Start sequence 4

In the summer, Sail Sand Point at the northern end of the lake gets a nice northerly thermal coming out of Bothell.  The BBQ and classroom/bathroom facilities at SSP are quite convenient and SSP also has a huge boat storage area for multihulls.

Further south the Hobies will sometimes sail out of Stan Sayer Pits, where they run the hydroplane races each summer.  In the past the local Hobie fleet has hosted a fun race around Mercer Island which usually ends in a local restaurant at Leschi.

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