Lake Quinault, WA

Of all the sailing sites in the Pacific Northwest, Lake Quinault continues to be voted the most favorite among Hobie sailors.  There is no more beautiful venue in the Pacific Northwest, and perhaps the entire USofA.Quinault 1

Situated in the middle of the Olympic National Park, this rain forest gets over 300 inches of rain per year.  The good news is that it doesn’t get much rain in August — when we are most likely to have a regatta there.  In addition to that, there are no motor boats allowed on the lake — only sail and paddle!!

Add to the laid back campground and beach of the Lake Quinault Rain Forest Resort Village and you have the makings of an incredibly memorable week or weekend.  (Many sailors come early and stay late — thereby managing to squeeze a weekend’s worth of sailing into a full week!!) Wagz at Quinault

The breeze is always between 5-20k from the SW.  It is a sea breeze that never varies.  Double trapping on the cool, clear waters of Lake Quinault is an experience not to be missed.

This site is rated: Beginner

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