Lake Harrison, BC

Lake Harrison is the home of the world famous Harrison Hot Springs at the north end of the lake.  The town and lake sit in the Fraser Valley and in the summer/fall the lake gets a predictable southern thermal that is as sweet as they come!Harrison 1

The resort of Harrison Hot Springs has everything a vacationer could want — from bars and restaurants to ice cream shops to gift shops to the world-famous public hot baths.  After a day of sailing Hobies dip into the public hot spring downtown and relax those muscles!

The sailing is done off of a beautiful sandy beach.  Since the wind rarely comes up before noon, it makes for a very relaxing morning.  This lake can be puffy and also a bit tactical.  There is no fetch, so the water remains flat — even when double trapped.Great trapping form upwind after the gate

This site is rated: Beginner

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