Lake Chelan, WA

This beautiful lake is a mecca for WA sailor and non-sailors.  It is usually quite hot in the summer, so the cold waters of this deep lake beckon.  With sandy beaches all around, it can be a Hobie Catters paradise.  The town of Chelan is a great resort town with plenty to offer in shopping, wine tasting, or just sun tanning.  It lies at the south end of the lake, which runs northwest-southeast.  Camping and RV camping is available at various campgrounds in the area.Chelan 1

The wind on Lake Chelan is either on or off usually.  You can expect a light 5k breeze, or a full-on 20k breeze.  It can be challenging as the predominant wind is westerly.  Coming over the mountains, the wind gets funneled down the thin lake.

The good news is that the entertainment ashore will more than make up whatever happens on the water.Chelan 2

This site is rated: Beginner.

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