Jericho Sailing Center, BC

Jericho Sailing Center continues to be the prime sailing spot for Hobies in Vancouver, BC.  It has a huge yard of multihulls — many of which are neglected.  But the largely successful racing center and the huge, sandy beach make up for all of that.Jericho 1

The Center will allow RV camping and camping on the grass overnight for just a few bucks.  With showers and bathrooms, and a bar and restaurant, there isn’t much else a sailor will need.

Except wind.  And that he/she can find on English Bay just off the beach.  The breeze is predominantly parallel to the beach — northwest to west-northwest and is usually in the 5-15k range.  Strong currents can add an element to the racing, and conventional tactical wisdom says to “hit the beach”.  But there are enough “honest” days where that wisdom won’t work to keep everyone on their toes!

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