Annual General Meeting & Survey Results

On Saturday, Nov. 19th, Hobie Division 4 hosted its annual general meeting at the home of Peter & Ruth Nelson.  The AGM historically has been the time when the division puts together its sailing schedule for the next season, as well as take care of other division business.  This year the AGM was decidedly different.

Partially owing to a huge emotional bonding from Jerry’s memorial, the AGM attracted over 20 excited sailors and friends.  But unlike business meetings, this AGM was full of laughter, fun, frolic, and food — proving once again that sometimes the best path to success is sometimes the one not ordinarily traveled.

Sec./Treas. Paul Carter took notes and has put together full meeting minutes of the AGM.  You should read these as much for the completeness and organization as the content.  I mean, I can’t recall ever seeing meeting minutes so well done!

Survey Results

Meanwhile, back at the yacht club, a 2017 sailing survey was emailed to sailors prior to the AGM to get feedback on various topics.  There were 23 respondents to the survey, which was an all-time high.  Of the 22 answering, 13 said they would attend 5 or more regattas.

The three regattas gaining the most interest were no surprise — Quinault (21), Harrison (16), & Skamokawa (15).  But the fourth highest site was the Splash regatta on Lake Washington (13).  Too bad the division did not try to schedule that one.

Four respondents are looking to upgrade their sails while 2 are looking for new or newer boats.  When asked what events would help their racing, respondents were pretty evenly in support of a rules clinic, tuning clinic, guest expert, and/or practice session.

When asked how they can give back the overwhelming majority responded with regatta organization.  A surprising number (9/22) said they could help the division by introducing a friend to a regatta.  So look for new faces next year and when you see them, go up to them and introduce yourself!  Finally 3 of the respondents said they knew a youth currently not sailing who would be interested in trying out Hobies next season.

The big takeaway from both the AGM and the survey was the incredible amount of excitement in the Division.  It was clear to everyone in attendance that the camaraderie and love shared overshadows everything else.  The AGM was truly an uplifting event.

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