PSSR Recap – Round Mercer Island coming up!

Last weekend was CYC-Seattle’s Puget Sound Spring Regatta for small boats.  We got out 5 Hobie 16s and a couple of Hobie 18s to start off the season.  It was fantastic seeing everyone again in the parking lot Saturday morning!  The 16s were graced with Martin & James Hollinsworth, Jeremy Groesz/Val Pioszak, John Ped/Alex LeBlond, Tim Webb sailing with Hobie newbie Rodon just arrived from France, and Peter Nelson/Laura Sullivan.  Paul Evenden drove down from Chilliwack, BC with Sarah Isaac to duel with Jerry Valeske crewing with Hobie newbie Jennifer Olegario.

Saturday morning greeted everyone with fog and that put a damper on the sailing.  When the skies cleared and the wind filled it was only a light breeze enough for 2 races.  Ped & Nelson traded bullets while Evenden took both of the 18s.  A couple of the boats were late for the first start and that may have contributed to the results being what they were.

After racing everyone dove into the clubhouse for some liquid refreshment before heading over to Peter’s house for a dinner party courtesy of Laura.  That was a ton of fun as well.

Sunday opened with a stronger breeze — not much stronger, but stronger.  Ped/LeBlond & Nelson/Sulliuvan continued to trade bullets while Valeske and his new crew started dialing in the 18 and making things difficult on Evenden/Isaak.  Meanwhile a nice little battle was shaping up in the 16s between Webb/Rodon, Hollinsworth, & Groesz.   Places were being traded and everything was up for grabs.  It seems a lot of the winter moss got knocked off Saturday!

Conditions for both days were light breeze with mild to choppy seas.  It was technical sailing with the strong tides and there was no sure-fire way to get around the course.  That opened up passing lanes which made for a fun and exciting time.


Round Mercer Island Race is coming up this Saturday, April 16Registration opens at 10 at Stan Sayer Pits along the west shore of Lake WA; first shape is at noon.  The perpetual trophy has been found and will be awarded!!  Fleet 95 has been running this race for at least 20-25 years, so it is exciting to bring the race back.

This will be a pursuit race with slower boats starting first, and all boats circumnavigating Mercer Island in a counter-clockwise direction.  Party at Peter’s house afterwards.

Donuts & coffee at registration.  Rum squall after the race.  $10-20 registration depending on # of boats that show.  (We need to cover gas money for chase, plus the refreshments.)

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