2017 Div. 4 Class Champions

Hobie Cat Rankings, 2017, Div. 4

As we wind down the year at the incredible sailing season we had, it is a good time to look back and recognize the class champions.  These are the sailors that put in the hard work, drove the miles, and climbed their way above the heap to claim the most points for the season.

Points are awarded based on class size as well as importance of the regatta.  For instance, an area championship (Quinault) will earn extra points and a national championship will earn the sailor the most points.  So if you are chasing the season championship then it pays to get to a bunch of regattas and do well.

These sailors will receive huge accolades, fame, and fortune.  Speaking tours, speeches, you name it.  Heck, any of them could run for office and win!  If you missed them on Good Morning, America, well, too gad.  They were great!

So here are the 2017 season champions in each of the Hobie classes.

Hobie 16

  1. J Rosenbach / Jessie Markovich
  2. Tim Webb / William Cran
  3. Will Nelson / Josh Markovich

Hobie 17

  1. Dave Wilder
  2. Lonnie Byers
  3. Dan Tarleton

Hobie 18

  1. Paul Evenden / Sarah Isaak
  2. Paul Von Stubbe / Vanessa Von Stubbe
  3. Gillian Thomson / Breshen Holmes-Slattery

Congratulations to each of these sailors for a job well done!

A couple of items to note.  Paul/Sarah were #1 in the NATION this year!  Nice going, guys.  Guess you figured out how to make that boat go!!  Von Stubbe and Thomson were 5 and 6, respectively, nationally.  Newbie sailors (to Hobiedom) Will Schwenger & Angie McLaughin were right behind in 8th in their first year sailing a Hobie.  Pretty cool!

In the 17s Wilder was 4th overall nationally.  And in the 16s Rosenbach was 27th overall.  But their standing would have been much higher had they gone to the North Americans, and had sailed in more than just the 4 regattas.

Overall Division 4 did a very respectable job.  For the full results click here.

2018 Calendar is up

Plan your Hobie schedule and book your reservations because the 2018 Hobie sailing calendar is up and live!  Dates always seem to be subject to change, but as best as we can tell none of the dates have changed for, well, over 6 hours!  lol  But seriously, most of these dates you can bank on.

So get with your crew, spouse, significant other, family, and whoever else might be in your calendar and chart out which events you will be attending.  It is best to put the events in your calendar otherwise you might forget them.  Putting them in the calendar increases the chances you will attend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

And here is a spreadsheet version of the same (hopefully!).  2018 Division 4 Schedule

Div. 4 AGM announced

Hobie Division 4 (that would be the Pacific NW for you newbies) Hobie Catting in Division 4 at Lake Quinault, WAannounced today the date and place for its Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Actually, they announced it Oct. 1 but it took this intrepid reporter this long to get it posted on the website!

Mark your calendars: Saturday, Nov. 4, 10 a.m. at Laura Sullivan’s house in Maple Valley.  Please send an email to nelson.peter(at)live.com for an address.  It is pretty easy to find, and is an absolutely gorgeous trophy home if you have never been there.

The BIG item on the agenda is next year’s sailing calendar.  That is always a lot of fun to put together.  There will also be some discussion on the future direction of youth sailing in the division, as well as an update on the Hobie 16 North American Championships being organized by Paul Evenden for 2019.  Lots going on.

Stay for the meeting, but come for the party!!  That’s right…right after the meeting we will be going into party mode with a BBQ and potluck.  (So remember to bring something yummy to share.)  I think Laura will have the party accouterments handled.  (Easy for you to say!)

Looking forward to seeing everybody Nov. 4 and swap more sailing lies!!

Div. 4 Championships (Harrison) Recap

For those of you opting not to drive to Harrison Lake Labor Day weekend for the Hobie Div. 4 Championships, you missed a doozy.  Harrison is highly regarded for its dependable medium breeze and flat water.  If you like to trap out and put the bow down, this is the place for you!

And this year did not disappoint!  With 5 double-trap races on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, all of the sailors were all smiles.  But because it wasn’t ‘white knuckle’ sailing, you hit the sandy beach with energy left over!

Saturday started out not looking good.  Smoky skies from the fires and a northerly (wrong direction), along with predictions of ‘stagnant air’ had many of the sailors worried of a long day on the beach.  The AP went up at 1100, but by 1230 it was down, boats were off the beach, and racing was on.

Harrison is a tricky spot tactically.  Sometimes the left pays, sometimes the right, and sometimes the middle.  The left is the traditional, safe bet.  But this weekend it was the middle and right that consistently paid dividends.  There were a few capsizes and pitchpoles to emphasize the puffs coming down.  On particular race Peter Nelson augered in with Todd Morrill, following right after Will’s footsteps with Josh Markovich.  Like son; like father.

The crewing situation was a mixed bag, particularly in the 16 fleet.  When JJ Hoag showed up sick with food poisoning, she turned the reins over to Kailey Jones while JJ’s dad, John, provided tactics and coaching support.  Meanwhile Peter was crewing (sometimes) for Todd, while Laura Sullivan was with Al Jones, and Matt Markovich jumped on Paul Carter’s boat.

On Sunday JJ returned to smiling form.  But Laura was out with a sore back after being thrown into the mast during a capsize on Saturday.  So John and Al jumped on one of Paul’s 18s and proceeded to load their ‘Hobie pistol’ with bullets.

The 18s had a good showing, with far less crew movement, with teams from Kelowna, Seattle, & Vancouver.  The 17 fleet saw a resurgence as well with about 6 boats on the line.  There were even 2 Waves and a 20 that graced the waters.

Paul Evenden’s wife, Debbie, made a delicious dinner for the sailors Saturday night, and it was mowed down by the voracious sailors.  Everyone was in shirt sleeves and it was warm and pleasant evening eating dinner with friends at the beach.  Tough to beat.

Harrison is a fantastic venue if you like flat water, double-trap breeze, tactical waters, beaches, and warm weather.  Thanks, Paul, for organizing it and making it so much fun.

Mini-Mega Recap – “Romancing the Shore”

Aug. 3 – 11 saw Div. 11 putting on a Hobie Mini-Mega event at Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club in New Jersey.  This event would crown North American champions in: H-14, H-16 Women, H-16 Youth, Wave, H-17, and H-18.

Div. 4 sent sailors to compete in the H-16 Youth and H-18 events.  The two youth teams included Will Nelson & Josh Markovich along with Jennifer Hoag & Kailey Jones.  “Coach” John Hoag provided beach support and coaching to both teams.  In all 10 youth teams showed up from around the country and old friendships were quickly reacquainted and new ones developed.  The way Hobie youth get along seems so unique compared to other youth groups and continues to impress and instill “The Hobie Way of Life”.

The winds were light-to-medium and the crews were challenged with lumpy water from lots of boat traffic in NY harbor.  Both teams were “hanging around” the top of the fleet.  In the end, the girls got the better of the boys with a strong, 2-3 finish on the last day to finish 4th to the boys’ 5th.

There was a bit of confusion when 3 teams (incl. Will Nelson) were declared ineligible because they turned 21 in the year of the event (rather than after the event).  The 3 teams were allowed to compete with the understanding they could not be crowned champion.  Because the 3rd place team was ineligible, JJ & Kaylie officially finished 3rd in the “youth’ event.  Congrats to both teams!!  They both sailed an incredible series and should be quite proud of their accomplishment.  Kat Porter defended her crown and won the event.

The Hobie 18 champion was easily decided by Ken Marshack, who seemed to have a whole ‘nother gear upwind and downwind.  He had it pretty well locked up by Tuesday.  All week he had straight bullets except for three thirds, the result of 3 OCS’s.

Five of the 8 teams were from Div. 4, thanks especially to the driving of Paul Evenden, who trailered 4 boats, including Doug Westin’s!  Teejay & Angela Fox brought out Gillian Thomson’s boat to round out the team.  While Teejay & Angela were helping out on committee, the other teams were learning how to sail through the slop and chop.  It was quite challenging, but by the end of the week it was clear that all of the teams were much faster.

The Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club is a perfect spot.  Sandy beach.  Party tent.  Picnic tables.  Large parking lot and staging area.  Showers.  Support buildings.  The two highlights were the continuous beer keg in the shop with free beer, and the ice cream truck that miraculously appeared several afternoons of the regatta.  To put icing on the proverbial cake, the weather was perfect — warm, sunny (except for 1 day), with wind each of the days, and low humidity.  We got lucky on this one!

Many thanks to our hosts Jim Doty, Greg Raybon, and a cast of dozens of Div. 11 volunteers who made it possible.