Crew List

Below are a list of people interested in crewing on a Hobie Cat in Division 4 (Pacific NW).

If you are a Hobie owner looking for crew, or someone looking to crew, please contact us for more information.

Looking TO crew:

Tito Soto — 6′, 148# Seattle sailor, very experienced with dinghy sailing but no cat sailing.  thetitosoto(at) or 2 one 0 – six zero 2 – five 93 five

Jennifer — Energetic, 115# gal, 5’3″.  Seattle-based.  5 yr. big boat sailing experience.  Crewed for Jerry Valeske in 2016.  jackson1029(at)

Pete — Experienced Hobie sailor and sailing instructor with Center for Wooden Boats (Seattle).  5’6″, 150#  petermail66(at)  206-226-9323

Cullen — 23 year old recent college grad with lots of experience on 16s and 18s but no race experience itching to get on the water in Portland   cullen.jaeschke(at)

Paul — Sailor and boatyard worker, so knows his way around boats.  No Hobie experience, but smart.  Probably 150#.  Short, with good strength/weight ratio.   Mgr. at CSR Des Moines.

Austin Bamford — even have a last name for this guy!  16 year old (120# light) crew.  Sailed for 2 years out of Cultus Lake.  austinbamford(at)

Mint — Olympia based.  Crewed at Splash, 2014.  singamint(at)

Chris Rulla — Friend of J Rosenbach’s.  Lots of sailing experience.  No Hobie.  177#.  crulla123 (at)

Tod Becherer — Sammamish, 6’2″, 180#, sailed Sail Sandpoint Waves for the last several years and would like more experience with bigger Cats and higher wind either racing or rec sailing.    425-898-0675

Active or inactive??

Taylor — Young dinghy sailor (470’s & Etchells) with limited Hobie experience.  Seattle based.  joostenm11(at)

Ruby Higginson — Daughter of 48 North Editor with plenty of dinghy experience and some Hobie Wave experience.  Seattle based.  Not much more info on her, but I bet she is light and good!  Age unknown.  karen(at)

Ruby’s friend — French exchange student in Seattle Apr. 1 – 21.  PSSR?  Mercer Island?  Sails cats.  French and sails cats?  What more do you need to know!!  Seattle based.  Age unknown.  karen(at)

Andy Hurley — andyhurley(at)

K S Huang — kshuang(at)

Looking FOR crew:

Todd Morrill — Experienced Hobie 16 sailor amped for racing out of the Portland with good boat.  Looking for regular crew for 2017 season.   catsailingF72(at)

J Rosenbach — J is an accomplished Hobie 16 and big boat sailor and racer and is regularly at the top of A-fleet.  He occasionally needs crew.  He is based out of Montesano (Olympia/Grays Harbor)  rosenbachplumbing(at)

Tim Webb — Tim is another A-fleet skipper.  He is usually up near the top, but bring a very easy-going, fun approach to his racing.  While he loves winning, having fun is more important.  He is based out of Chehalis.  swimmertim(at)

5 thoughts on “Crew List”

  1. Sammamish, 6’2″, 180#, sailed Sail Sandpoint Waves for the last several years and would like more experience with bigger Cats and higher wind either racing or rec sailing. 425-898-0675


  2. My husband and I would love to crew!

    His name is Ryan and he is 6’1, 25 years old

    My name is Evan (female) and I am 5’4, 25 years old.

    I have a little experience (ASA basic keelboat certified) and my husband has none. We would be so grateful to be extra hands on deck or weight and learn as we go!


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